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Made in Italy

Slitti's company was founded as a coffee roasting company in 1969, distinguishing itself from the beginning by the care and processing of its product. In 1989, the founder's sons, Andrea and Daniele, expanded the company's offerings to include cocoa processing.

Andrea Slitti is now one of the world's leading artisanal chocolatiers. His adventure with cocoa began with the experience he gained in his family's Coffee Roastery, and it was coffee, his only master, that led him into the world of chocolate and gave him the experience to create balanced, round and aromatic blends.

An expert cocoa selector, he entrusts his palate with the creation of his recipes, always elaborating with great attention, and leaving out no detail. His mastery and artistic vein have led him to win all the most prestigious international chocolate competitions to date, forming an enviable list of gold medals. 

Andrea Slitti's expirience

Thirty years of experience, more than 150 awards won and a collection of products distributed in 25 countries around the world-Andrea Slitti is now considered one of the world's leading artisan chocolatiers.

A close-knit team

Behind each chocolate are the hands of a team of chocolate artisans and craftswomen, and the care and delicacy with which they treat each praline.

The perfect search

The great research and travel around the world to find the perfect bean, the right aroma, the best roasting point.

Selected Ingredients

Choosing the best qualities of cocoa is not easy and is learned through years and years of experience and love for this fruit and its seeds.

Where cocoa and coffee come from

A lifelong journey around the world to find the best varieties of cocoa and coffee


Brasile, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Jamaica, Etiopia, Congo, India, Indonesia


Ecuador, Perù, Venezuela, Jamaica, Santo Domingo, Madagascar

More than 180 awards

  • The passion, skills, and continuous research of Andrea Slitti led to the creation of innovative and unique products that distinguish us in the world of chocolate.

Chocopaz LLC

Chocopaz LLC is exclusive distibutor Slitti EXPERIENCE in the Middle East